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tree removal baltimore county md

Baltimore County is one of the most beautiful regions in the state of Maryland. The county is primarily suburban, though the northern part of the county is characterized by rolling hills and deciduous forests. Baltimore Tree Crew has been serving the county and the rest of the state for a number of years and has been providing the best tree removal in Baltimore County MD. We have a team of licensed and fully insured tree care experts, who can take care of any level of tree removal.

Tree Removal Regulations in Maryland

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forest Services via its Urban and Community Forestry Program has established certain regulations for tree removal and other tree care services in the state. As per these regulations, you might have to apply for a permit before removing a tree, if it’s a roadside tree that’s partly in your property and partly in the right-of-way on a public road or sidewalk. In addition to this, Baltimore County is part of the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area Protection Program, which adds a few other regulations for tree removal in Baltimore County MD.


If you don’t know whether your property falls within the ‘Critical Area’ or not, then get in touch with the local planning and zoning office. If your property is indeed within the Critical Area, then you will require approval from the local planning office to remove a tree in your property. You will also have to plant one or more new trees to replace it. Within the Critical Area there’s a special zone known as ‘Buffer’. If your property falls within this zone, then you can remove a tree only if it’s already dead or dying, if it’s diseased or if the tree is posing a serious threat to people living around it and property located around it. To learn more, check the Critical Area Commission FAQ section.


Why Is Tree Removal Required?

Tree removal in Baltimore County, MD can be a really complicated process. But why is tree removal required?


  • Trees or rather sections of trees can become diseased. If the disease is isolated to one section, like a branch, then it can be dealt with by pruning that section. But once it spreads, there might be no other alternative besides removing the tree.
  • The same holds true for decay. Regular trimming and pruning can keep it at bay for a while, but eventually removing the tree is the only option.
  • Once a tree gets old and all of its leaves become brown, the tree is said to be dead. In such a situation, the tree needs to be removed and replaced with a sapling.
  • If the roots of the tree spreads too much and invades the space near the foundation of your house or deck or outhouse, then the tree might have to be removed. Excessive spreading of the roots can also affect the utility lines installed under your property, including the sewage line. Our experts can check the growth of the roots to determine if it’s dangerous or not. It’s almost impossible to identify this without proper testing.
  • As trees grow bigger, sometimes they start to lean to one side. If such a tree is too close to the house there might be dangers of dead branches falling on the house and damaging it. Or the tree itself could fall on the house during a storm or hurricane. You will have to remove the tree to protect the house.
  • Similarly, if a leaning tree is over the deck or backyard, where your family members will be exposed to potential injury or worse, you will have to take the call of removing the tree(s).
  • The removal of a tree might also be necessary because of renovations or construction work close to it.


What Can We Do?

Our tree care experts are best placed to take care of tree removal, because they have the necessary training to do it while ensuring all the safety measures are followed. In Baltimore County only licensed tree experts like ours are allowed to carry tree removal operations. This is so because the licensed tree experts know how to protect the property and people around the tree while removing it. Power lines, public property, people, etc. need to protected during the process.


We, at Baltimore Tree Crew, are dedicated to helping our clients through every step of the process. You can schedule an appointment with our tree care team to understand how the tree removal operation will be carried out. We also provide our clients with an estimate, because the price varies depending on the complexity of the operation. We believe in transparent pricing, so you don’t have to worry about any hidden costs once you hire us for tree removal in Baltimore County, MD.

If you any other queries or doubts or want to know more about our tree care experts, then give us a call on 410-205-6859 right away.

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