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Tree Removal Maryland services

Maryland is one of the most vibrant and beautiful states in the East Coast. The trees and the overall diversity of flora in the state makes it a special place. According to the Urban and Community Forestry Program of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forest Services, a large number of cities and towns in the state have urban forests, which consist of public and private parks, street trees, yards and gardens attached to residential properties, besides slightly more densely wooded parkland.

Trees need care as much as humans do. The trees in your garden or around your property need to be looked after to ensure they remain healthy and do not become a cause for concern. Periodic trimming and pruning keeps the trees and shrubs in check and removes overgrown parts. It also keeps parasites and diseases at bay. However, when a tree becomes really old or starts to decay, simple trimming and maintenance is no longer enough. You will have to get it removed. It’s not an easy decision, especially if it’s a tree that’s been a part of your life for a long time. In such situations you need to bring in experts to take care of tree removal in Maryland.

Why Is Tree Removal Necessary?

There are several other reasons why tree removal becomes necessary.

  • Age and decay aren’t the only reasons why sometimes tree removal becomes unavoidable. If the roots of the tree start to encroach under the house, close to the various utilities lines underground or any other structure in your property, then you might have to opt for tree removal.
  • It could also become necessary if the tree starts leaning perilously towards the house or other parts of the property where your children and other family members are likely to be out in the open. Some of these and other issues may be difficult to identify at first. Hence, you need to bring to experts to assess the situation at periodic intervals.
  • Trees severely damaged due to a storm or some other natural calamity might have to be removed, if there’s no chance for the trees to recover.
  • If trees grow too dense and completely cover the lawn, preventing sunlight from penetrating through, it can be detrimental to the health of the grass and other plant life in the lawn. Cutting off some of the branches and creating space for sunlight to pass through is one solution, but a temporary one. On the other hand, removing the tree can provide a more permanent solution and beneficial for the health of the lawn.
  • Dense trees can also lead to blockages in the gutter due to excessive shedding of leaves. Removing the tree is an option for this as well.
  • Renovations to the landscape architecture or structural changes to the house might also require tree removal. The tree(s) might be obstructing or might get completely damaged during the renovations, which necessitates the removal.

Tree removal is dangerous, especially because of the heavy equipment involved in the process. So, you should engage the services of certified arborists for tree removal in Maryland.

How Can We Help?

We, at Baltimore Tree Crew, have a team of licensed and experienced experts, who can take care of tree removal and all other tree services. These trained professionals assess the situation and utilize a variety of arboricultural methods to take care of the issue(s). The fact that all of our tree care experts are licensed also means that they have the necessary knowledge to implement the safety standards mandated for tree removal in Maryland. The safety of all structures, including the main house, deck, barn, etc. inside your property and power lines, neighboring houses, cars and other structures outside your property line are planned out before removing a tree. If the safety measures aren’t put in place, a falling branch could damage property or injure someone.

There are certain rules and regulations set by the Department of Natural Resources in Maryland regarding removal of roadside trees, which you need to abide by or face fines or even civil action. Trees that are partly in public roads and partly in private properties are also considered to be roadside trees. You might have to apply for a permit from the Department before removing such a tree. In fact, in some cases, the Department might share the costs of the removal, but only if the tree has severely decayed or is dead. Also, the removal or any form of tree service of roadside trees can be done only by licensed tree experts, like the ones we work with.

We provide same day service at competitive prices and all our tree care experts are insured. For estimates of tree services required by you, get in touch with us. You can also call us on 410-205-6859 to schedule a meeting with one of our licensed tree experts.

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