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If you have a garden or lawn in your property, then landscaping should be an important consideration for you. Aesthetics is a key focus of landscaping, but it isn’t the only focus. Landscaping and related tree care services also ensure that the trees, shrubs and plants remain healthy. The health of the trees is directly connected to how good they look and, in turn, how good your house looks. A beautiful garden and/or a grove of trees enhances the value of the property in the real estate market as well.

Why Is Tree Removal Necessary?

As with all things in nature, trees get old and decay too. It’s important that such trees are removed as soon as the decay is noticed. Trees also get afflicted by parasites and diseases that lead to decay. For tree removal in Baltimore you should also take into consideration the type of flora found in this region, which is something only experts can do. The team of licensed experts at Baltimore Tree Crew have years of experience working in this region and can help you navigate all possible tree care services.

You should also be informed about the all the other reasons why tree removal in Baltimore can become necessary. You are best placed to quickly identify when one of these situations come up and bring in our experts to assess it further.

  • Encroaching Roots: The roots of some trees can encroach the area close to the foundation of the house, which severely affect its structural integrity. Similarly, the roots can encroach the areas under any other structure on your property. The same holds true for the various utilities lines that are installed underground. Any leaks or damages to these lines due to the roots can have serious consequences. It can be difficult identifying this early on. So, you should bring in licensed experts to assess the situation once a year to ensure any encroaching roots can be dealt with at the nascent stage.
  • Excess Shade: If the trees cover the lawn completely and prevent sunlight from penetrating through, it can blunt the growth and health of the grass and certain plants. One option is to trim and prune the trees regularly to allow sunlight to come through, but that might not be enough. In such a situation, removing the tree(s) is the only option.
  • Renovations or Constructions: If you’re planning to renovate any exterior structure in your property, including the driveway, you might have to remove trees located in that part of the property. It’s necessary not only because the trees block the structure, but also because the trees might get affected due to the renovation or construction work.

Tree Removal Laws in Baltimore

Tree removal in Baltimore is governed by a set of rules and regulations stipulated by the Urban and Community Forestry Program of the Department of Natural Resources Forest Services of Maryland. The Roadside Tree Law is the one that has the most impact on residential properties. It mandates homeowners to apply for a permit before removing or performing any other type of tree care services on roadside trees. What are roadside trees? Any trees that are located partly or wholly on public roads. So, if any trees in your property partly occupy public road space, then you will have to apply for a permit. For trees that are completely within your property, you won’t need a permit.

Plus, trees in your neighbor’s property might be encroaching into your property or posing a threat of damage to your house or injury to your family. In such a scenario, you can ask your neighbor to take care of the issue and if the neighbor fails to do so you can take legal action. However, you can’t cut or remove trees in your neighbor’s property. You will also require permission from your neighbor to remove a tree that’s located partly in both properties.

The other thing you need to keep in mind is that even with a permit in hand you will need to hire a licensed tree expert to carry out the removal or trimming. It won’t be an issue with Baltimore Tree Crew, because our tree care experts are all licensed and experienced.

This regulation of applying for a permit is in place to provide protection against potential damage to neighboring and public property, including power lines, telephone lines and and cars parked in the area. If the authorities deem that certain trees in your property pose a threat to power lines, they can remove it and replace it with shorter trees.

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