Tree Removal Costs

There are a lot of factors that are involved when estimating the cost of tree removal.  The price to remove a tree or trees depends on where the tree is located on the property, its height and width.   Trees that are located near power lines or local utilities require certain risk factors and liability issues.

Most property owners do not know what is fair or what is not fair when it comes to pricing a tree removal job.  Always remember, the higher the risk, the higher the cost to remove a tree.  For instance, if you have a tree that is out in your yard and is located away from fences or your home, it would be less expensive as a tree that is located right next to your home or structures.  The complexity of the tree removal and the time spent removing the tree is another cost factor.  Tree services are usually busy and your job is usually not the only job they have for the day.  They do not want the job to last any longer than you do.  Tree service providers want to get in, cut it down and go to the next job.  This is how they remain productive and make a living for their families.

It is up to the homeowner or property owner to check with local municipalities and covenant restricted property owners associations to see if you need to purchase a permit before removing the tree.  This cost is the responsibility of the property owner.

Costs to remove a standing or leaning tree

There are different prices for different trees that need to be removed.  Small trees that are less than 25 feet in height, depending on the complexity, can cost a property owner anywhere from $150 to $500 per tree.

Trees that are 25 feet to 75 feet tall can range from $200 to $1,000 to remove.  Remember, the complexity of the job determines if the cost is higher or lower.

Trees that are over 75 feet in height can cost upwards of $1500 each, depending on the complexity of the tree.  A tree that size that is near your home can cost more.

Cost to remove damaged trees

There are trees that are damaged due to ice storms, tornados and hurricanes can cause complex tree removal jobs.  We see homes that have trees on their roofs or even through the middle of the ceilings.  The responsibility of the tree service professional is to remove the trees from your property without causing further damage to your property.  For this reason, some larger trees like a Southern Oak tree with a huge diameter can cost over $10,000 to remove.  Most trees this size require the rental of a crane to lift the limbs off or out of the house without causing additional damage.  Cranes rent for up to $1,200 per hour with a 6 hour minimum.  
As you can see, there is no fixed cost you can rely on when estimating the cost of tree removal.

What’s included in a tree removal cost estimate

The cost of tree removal usually includes cutting down the tree and hauling it and its limbs away to the landfill.  This price also includes any or all methods of removing the tree, including tree climbing, roping the limbs down to the ground and cutting limbs into smaller sizes to be handled easier by the tree service laborers.  You need to ask your tree removal company if their price includes hauling the trunk pieces away.  Some tree removal companies charge upwards of $400 to haul off tree trunks in addition to the cutting the tree down and chipping up all of the small branches and limbs.

Stump grinding is not usually included in the price of the tree removal quote.  Most tree removal experts have sub-contractors available that specialize in stump removal and stump grinding.  You should ask your tree removal service if they have stump grinding capabilities.  Stump grinding costs anywhere from $60 to $400 each, depending on the diameter of the stump.

Remember this:  The cost of the tree removal is dependent upon the complexity of the job.  The more you want done and the risk involved, drives the price up.  If you live in a rural area and have means to chop up the trunk for firewood, the price to drop the tree may be all you need.  Some tree removal companies clean everything up except the sawdust.   It is up to you as the property owner to discuss your options while getting your tree removal cost estimate.

The cost of a certified arborist

Most ISA certified arborists work independently from tree removal services.  There are more and more tree service companies that have arborists on staff or use arborists in conjunction with tree removal.

Most arborists charge $120 per hour or more, depending on their availability.  They may even charge you a mileage fee if you live outside their territory.

Multiple quotes saves money

The reason our system is so unique, is that it provides our clients with the opportunity to get multiple quotes from our tree removal members.  It is up to the homeowner to choose which tree Removal Company is right for them. 
Our job is to get homeowners the best price and the best tree removal services in the entire country.

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