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Tree Removal

Reasons For Removing A Tree:

  • Hazard removals: Removing hazardous trees that pose threats to persons or property.
  • Infected with diseases and/or pests: This helps prevent a sickness from spreading to other trees.            
  • Death and decay:  Dead trees are a major liability and safety hazard.
  • Unwanted or encroaching:  Some trees are a nuisance to structures or other trees.
  • Structural defects:  Large cavities, branch failures or root rot can negatively effect the vigor of a tree.
  • Construction project: Root zones can be highly impacted which hinders the life cycle of a tree causing imminent death if not respected.
  • Space limitation: A tree can outgrow its means if planted in an improper space or small urban setting. 

What to Understand

Safety and communication is our top priority in ALL circumstances! An Arborist must consider many important factors for the removal of large trees or branches. Baltimore Tree Crew’s Certified Arborist will establish a detailed plan to promote safety and maximize efficiency. Our tree technicians understand the importance of removing trees in a controlled manner. Using certified tree removal gear assists in the protection of nearby structures as well as the outdoor environment.  Tools such as pulleys, ropes, and saws ensure proper safety for lowering branches. 

Things to Consider

Tree removals potentially create products that are 100% recyclable.  We remind our clients that their tree can serve a second life as:

  • Wood Chips
  • Mulch
  • Soil Erosion Prevention and/or Conditioning
  • Firewood
  • Milled Wood

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