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Trees look beautiful in the backyard and around the house. They provide shade and protection. Trees also improve the overall quality of air around the house and the neighborhood as well as enhance the soil quality and prevent soil erosion. 

What Does the Law State?

As a homeowner you need to be aware that there are several laws regarding tree care and tree service, especially when it comes to tree removal, in the state of Maryland. The laws not only cover what you can or can’t do with trees in your property, but also extend to the trees in any neighboring properties. The Urban and Community Forestry Program, which is part of the state agency the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forest Service, is responsible for overseeing urban forestry. You can be aware of the key laws by engaging the help of our company that provides tree services in Baltimore, including laws such as Maryland Tree Expert Law and the Roadside Tree Law.

In fact, you need to apply for a permit from the Department of Natural Resources to cut or remove any trees considered to be roadside trees, even if the trees are partly within your property. Roadside trees are defined as any type of tree or shrub that’s growing in and around a public road and deemed to be in the right of way of the public. The only exceptions to this regulation are if the tree is unrooted or if the branches are broken and in contact with any type of electric wires or if either the tree or its branches are putting people or property in danger. For all other cases a permit is mandatory and failing to obtain a permit can lead to a fine of up tp $2,000 for the first offense and up to $5,000 for the second and later offenses. Hence, it’s important that you hire only the best company for tree service in Baltimore.

You’re responsible for the proper maintenance and care of trees in your property and ensuring they do not extend into your neighbors’ properties or cause any form of damage or nuisance. The same holds true for trees in your neighbors’ properties extending into yours. You are allowed to trim any branches extending into your property up to the property line and no further. Also, you will be held liable if you kill or injure your neighbor’s tree(s).

What Can We Do?

We, at Baltimore Tree Crew, can take care of all of your tree care requirements. We can take care of tree trimming to keep branch lengths in check, tree or shrub removal within the Maryland regulations, stump grinding, spraying essential protective materials to keep parasites and diseases at bay and even planting new trees and shrubs. We provide same day service, which sets us apart from most other tree service providers in Maryland. The issue that needs to be taken care of is dealt with right away and by our team of experts and specialists.

We only have certified experts on our team, who have extensive knowledge of landscape architecture and urban forestry. Our experts also ensure that the highest standard of safety measures have been put in place before dealing with any problem that could potentially have dangerous consequences. So, while removing a tree or cutting a branch all precautionary checks are performed to eliminate chances of inflicting damage to electrical power lines and telephone lines or on neighboring properties or cars.

As a homeowner you need to be mindful of the landscaping and tree care requirements for your property. If you get it done at the correct intervals, you will be able to save money and trouble. If you ignore the necessary tree care requirements, you might end up having to deal with angry neighbors, besides spending extra to take of the issue. You can get in touch with us right away for an estimate for the tree services your property requires or book an appointment with one of our experts. Call us on 410-205-6859 and our team will get back to you soon.

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