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tree trimming columbia md

We, at Baltimore Tree Crew, in Columbia, MD offer our clients many years of experience in the trimming, pruning and tree removal services in the Columbia area. We also provide stump grinding, tree planting, shrub removal and tree spraying, and all our services are carried out by professionals trained in their respective fields. No matter the size or scale of your requirement, Baltimore Tree Crew in Columbia, MD is just a phone call away.

Tree Removal/Planting

Don’t hire the first company that comes up in an online search when you are looking at a tree removal service. We understand that this is a very technical job, and can be highly dangerous if the wrong people handle it. You need maintenance done on your trees every spring and summer to prevent any damage to your backyard or home, and to ensure new growth.


Tree removal is best left for experts such as us and becomes important especially if it is infested with insects, has died in the harsh winter and has become a danger to you and the surrounding people. Invest with us to ensure that you are only paying for the expertise in that service and not spend extra money on repairs caused by ineptitude.


And this is not enough. Our expert arborists will help you pick and choose the plant you want, and advise you on where to plant it as well. After all, it makes a huge difference when they know the soil conditions and which plants will thrive in which season.


Stump Grinding

Whenever we undertake tree removal, we pay extra attention to stump grinding, lest your lawn or backyard look like a war zone. We have been doing this for years, and know that the stump needs to be ground down to give your lawn an aesthetic look.  So even if you have leftover stumps from a previous job, contact us and we will take care of these and prevent further damage to your lawn or your property. This will not only make your lawn look prettier but your next project more successful.


Certified Experts

No matter the size of your property, Baltimore Tree Crew in Columbia, MD, will take care of all your needs. Our same day service will ensure that you get the required service on the same day you call us. We are experts who know what they are doing, and you don’t have to worry about any mess afterward; we will take care of everything. We always care about the needs of our clients and provide advisory services. Give us a call today if you are looking for a clean and professional tree service.

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